Feeling Lost Right Now? Huge Shifting… Huge Transformation… A Perspective on Why

VortexIn this most current wave of shifting, so many are currently feeling upended, lost, confused… discombobulated. This includes (and in some cases, especially) those who are considered advanced spiritual practitioners, who are otherwise very, very adept at their own reality of creation.

This goes along with the death of the way we’ve previously done things in separation; as we remember and step into a much, much more expansive way of existing, to become 100% of what we came here to be, we’re letting go of managing individual realities from the ego’s identity (and thus, “death of the ego” as we’ve known it), and coming back to the purity of consciously managing from the Oneness, as the Divine.

As part of the foundation of the Universe of Separation/Duality has been to manage from the perspective of the individual – through the eyes of the ego – it’s been, from an individual standpoint, the “gravity” from which one has navigated… ESPECIALLY through the Earth incarnate experience! In essence, it’s been our relativity.

This is changing… and to raise the collective vibration of our existence, as we let go of the “old way” of managing this experience, it feels, for the time being, as if we’ve suddenly lost our way, lost our sense of being, lost our sense of purpose.

It’s similar to when an astronaut is in space. What kind of adjustment does it take in an astronaut’s training to get their mind used to the idea of letting go of their relativity from what they perceive is “up” and “down”? Out in space, without the reference of the sky being “up” and the ground being “down,” without the gravity that is known on Earth, astronauts can walk effortlessly in all directions without any reference.

THIS is the adjustment period we’re currently in once we let go and surrender to it… so OF COURSE there’s often a temporary feeling of discombobulation, as we allow ourselves such infinite freedom at remember ALL of who we are!

To “do it differently” and break out of the cycle, it’s time to let go of the stories that we’ve previously allowed to define us, individually, culturally, and collectively. Holding our experience, identifying ourselves via stories limits us, and prevents us from going beyond them to 100% become what we all came here to be! For true evolution and transformation, allowing the release of these limiting stories to happen (though of course they’ve been great lessons in themselves) frees us to “walk like an astronaut” – liberated of the constraints of relativity and reference points – and truly explore and experience things in a completely different way. When we allow transformation in this way… it’s when we reach true realization.

So, if you’re experiencing this, know it’s actually the onset of HUGE expansion in a very new (or very old) way… set your rudder to FLOW… ALLOW, and TRUST… and you’re most of the way there!

The Water Flame is a new “flame” of vibration, different and on a completely different kind of vibrational scale than past energetic “flames,” brought in to assist in this kind of transformation! More to come on this; use this image to tap into that vibration if your guidance tells you you’re ready! In the meantime, for more information, contact ACoulter@TrinityEnergyProgression.com or your local Trinity Energy Progression practitioner (who you can find via http://trinityenergyprogression.com/practitioners/findpractitioner/)…

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