Trascending Ego in Our Political Decisions

DirectionsAs many ask… here are some DIFFERENT suggestions of navigating the US Presidential election… can you do this without the ego/mind shutting it down and/or overruling it?

Stay observant; this is a HUGE test for ourselves to STOP listening to what other people say – whether it’s the news, political commentary, our friends, spouses, etc. – as well as what our mind/ego says is “logical” (so shut down the Spock rationalization!)! Politics is one of the topic areas that tend to be MOST challenging to keep clear of the ego!

Instead of making choices based on what the MIND/logic tells you, which is pretty much always based on outside influences… step back, clear your mind, and ask your guidance: What is highest and best here? Which candidate is highest and best to vote for, in the intentions I set for the flow of my life?

We’ve gotten so lost in acting via what others tell us to do – including because of our spouses, families, our upbringing, and also, “voting for ________ is a waste of your time and just gives ____________ more of a chance to win…” This is prevalent propaganda right now… and ensures we “keep things a they are.” However… it’s time for us to CHANGE… and the only way to change it is to change the decisions we make.

In higher consciousness, what’s important to remember is that those who are showing up as leading candidates are a collective manifestation of what we won’t look at within ourselves. If you have a particular judgment about someone – resistance in any way – look in the mirror about what triggers you about that individual… remember, they are YOU, too… they are the Divine manifested as _____________to reflect back to us, individually and collectively, what we’re not looking at otherwise. What do you judge about that person? What is within you that creates that in that person in your reality?

One of the “test questions” to ask yourself is, “If I create my reality (and I do)… and having is an indicator of wanting, then why do I want this – why have I created it (and/or this person) – in my reality?”

This is first and foremost the most important exercise to do here! Any individual who triggers you into any egoic reaction (fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, regret, guilt, doubt, sorrow, pain, shame, judgment) is here to show you something inside of you that you’re refusing to look at, accept, embrace, love, and resolve within yourself, in this life and/or others… and the more you deny it, the more important it is to look at!

Do this for all of the candidates that trigger you in some way, and do this until you remember seeing them as yourself, and resolving the energy of that reflection within you.

THEN… ask… “What is highest and best for me to do here? Are any of these candidates highest and best to vote for who will help our individual and collection evolution in the most graceful and easy way? What’s highest and best for me to do in this situation?”

NO THINKING… just LISTENING, to guidance… NOT the ego! Ego is when you feel a knot in your stomach or your heart… a compulsion to strike out and judge…that’s fear, anger, etc… and ALL ego! If that still comes up, go back to the first exercise until you can flow and ask your guidance these questions in complete ambivalence.

And, instead of judging what you get… just accept it. If you get to write in Mickey Mouse, shush the mind/ego when it tells you that it’s a wasted vote. If you’re guided to do something you don’t understand… just trust and listen. If we succeed in transcending egoic guidance and instead listen to higher guidance – the one that knows and remembers the full, big picture, even if one thinks it’s ridiculous in the moment – we might be surprised at what comes together. Did you ever consider that THAT’S what we set up collectively, to flow together beyond what the mind could project?

What if we try it, and see what happens?

Politics, like everything else here… is simply part of the 3D. The way to change the outcome of things is changing the way we do them… so what if we do them by GUIDANCE, higher consciousness, unity perspective, vs. the ego? We are currently in a place that in the traditional sense it looks like a dead end no matter which direction we take…so, why not try it differently and trust from our KNOWING instead of our externalization?

It’s when we stop looking with our eyes that we begin to remember the bigger picture… and this is included.

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