How to REALLY “Fix” the World!

IntheMirrorThere are so, so many posting regularly about what are considered the events happening around the world… about sending love, prayers, and healing circles.

This past week, in conversation about living in a place of unity and love, I was posed a question about how I believed we could change what’s been going on; how to stop it; and how I view “such atrocities” around the world. In that question, there weighed MUCH bitterness, sadness, and anger by the person who asked.

Consider this, from my understanding:

“Right” and “wrong,” “good” and “bad,” are duality- and separation- (and thus, ego-)based perceptions. When we transcend from the perception of the ego – that which is viewed as “separate” – and view things from the perspective of the whole, at the end of the day, we end up with ourselves, and ourselves only. When we transcend judgment – also duality- and separation- (and thus, ego-) based, we can then see things as how they fit into the much bigger picture.

When we truly live in a place of unity and Oneness, we realize that all around us – our reality – attributes only to what is within us. If we hold anger, rage, sadness, etc…. we create and project it in our reality. Thus, the opposite is true: If there is anger, rage, sadness, etc. in our reality, then it’s mirroring something very important for us to look at within ourselves.

So many spend so much time focusing on everyone else, that they forget to look (or rather, avoid looking) within themselves. We’ve built our cultures around the “virtues” of dedicating time to others; yet, we forget that first and foremost, what’s most important to change/shift ALL of this is what’s within ourselves. If we hold no anger, resentment, or sadness, then we won’t have it in our reality.

If today, we dedicated our time to becoming the best we came here to be, to forgive, accept, embrace, and unconditionally love ourselves, to hold the vibration of unconditional love in every moment of every day, the world would shift overnight. ALL of the violence, of the exclusions, would stop. And then we do it differently, once we liberate ourselves of the chains of forgetfulness and separation.

Do you do this? Do you take the time – every single day – to love, nourish, forgive, accept, and embrace yourself? Have you learned how to remember how to do this? If not… why not? As we all hear by the flight attendant on the airplane, “If the oxygen mask falls from the ceiling, place the mask on yourself first before helping the person sitting next to you.” There is grief, pain, violence, death, and sadness all around the world – not just in the hot spots that make the news. The more we focus on shifting our own “stuff,” the more we help EVERYONE and EVERYTHING… and the world as a whole.

The more we ignore it… the bigger and louder the messages are becoming, to the collective, because we’re ignoring our own reminders; THAT’S what we’re seeing via these world-level events! Recognize the Divine, love-based, perfect being you are, and that all else is through the filter of the illusion of separation. Once we remember to unconditionally love ourselves and recognize that ALL is our Self… then it simply becomes incomprehensible to do anything but love each other… because you and I are the same.

THAT’S how we change it.

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